Land & New Builds

Whether progressing a small or large land deal, or marketing a relatively small development to multi-plot, multi-house type 'estates', we hope our service standards leave you convinced that the smallest detail can make the difference.

Historically, there have been many ups and downs; but of one thing you can be assured - our commitment to getting the deal done is utmost.

Realter Land and New Builds does not believe in spending time looking backwards we spend better moving forward - looking at new ideas, new concepts, new strategies, new services, new levels of participation with our clients in meeting targets of land buying/selling, and new homes sales.

Progress comes from doing, what we now have to offer is a first class land and new homes service, which we know our competitors find hard to match!

We believe in acting positively and expecting things to turn out well because then we're almost half way there to a positive result!

Winning business has always been high on our agenda - and we're not afraid of competing in this increasingly competitive market.

Our main goal is to gain the position as a leading land and new homes agency, without falling into the trap of chasing turnover to the detriment of our client service.

Our guiding principles are:

  1. Do exceptional work - this is the best way of getting business
  2. Benefit by association - delight existing clients and the word gets around.
  3. Win repeat business - a sign of quality service and commitment to our client's needs.
  4. Recognise where we can add value - marketing, direct marketing, advice and shared learning.
  5. Deliver with passion - no one can accuse us of not being passionate about our company, our services and our commitment to getting things done right.
  6. Our policy of feedback and learning together, puts us in a strong position to develop successfully as a team, as long as we're aware of your business objectives and long term strategies

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